Thoughtfulness will overcome thoughs.

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Thoughtlesness surrounds the darkness to phase in life like a freak nothings in my hands only all my grievances ,grief and pain. My all belongings were taken away from the evil darkness now I became the mortal servant of the darkness .

Who serves, who begged like a beggar, who prayes and who waits for the doomsday. Every time I suppose to run against the darkness but always bumped into the evil darkned eyes.

Waiting for the new morning ,new day and my new life but I stucked into the evil darkness surrounding in my heart. Only believing one day my all darkened phases will gone and my new morning will welcome me with new song which I will await by seeing birds in sky.

May be one day amongst all dews, all snows ,all alleys and all mesmerizing beauty of nature will place me inside their scarlet eyes, heart and it’s environment.

And it’s the time when my life will become colourful like a rainbow awaiting me to recall this colourful light.


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