Picture is taken from my phone

Whenever I wandering I found myself in alleys of heaven
WOW .,isn’t that amazing ?
God why are you creating such a beautiful and blissful clouds around us.

Everytime when I looked at I found myself that you hugged me very tightly and sometimes I found myself sitting on your laps.
WOW ., isn’t that amazing ?

Wandering, wandering every where ,every places and every day and found yourself in my ways .why are you always following me in every corner of the entire world . Maybe we have some special bond, or our destiny wants us to be together .
WOW., isn’t that amazing ?

Why you are so charismatic and wonderful may we have destiny but why only I understand your charismatic quality. Hey clouds you are limitless and my dreams are. What you are? You are always glowing, blooming, stunning, and astonishing in every era of history and beyond it.
WOW., isn’t that amazing ?

May be one day amongst thousands of stars I might be twinkling inside your scarlet heart. I am very thankful of you and God that you are my destiny.
I will always make myself higher and higher like you. So that we both amuse eachothers together forever.
WOW., isn’t that amazing. ?


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