The things which matters me a while ago turned out void; which makes me sangfroid.

How pathetic our thought process is, we never appreciate “blessing in disguise” continuously running for the disaster disguise. The result is we attract what we thinks the most.

Granting our heart to accept the beauty of scars is not only the permanent solution at all but it surely is a way which lead you to become the best version of yourself.
Doing something big is a Okay, but if you keep braging your difficulties by measuring the route over and overt is a SIN.


– Harshita Pandey 🕉

ATARAXIA”a state of freedom from; emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility”

Being free help us in realizing that we have Wings as wide as clouds and dreams as bright as sunshine.

In end you may count footsteps which failed but you will see achievements to the roadways.

If the time is right or hurdles makes you away you have to become a brook which shifts with rocks to make its way to river, you have to become river which never afraids to fail just goes away with every wave.

Light that you will see after is not far away from you it’s within you, within you lies the whole world which grows into a garden- a garden whose positive thoughts makes milestones into a miracle.

Roads never stops whether they are not broad enough according to its size but they never stops until they make their destination shine.

– Harshita Pandey 🕉

Expressions of my suppressions

Does it seems like I’m lost,

Care to explain why will I not fought?

You’re different, don’t took others as reference.

What made you think like that, you’re the part of crowd.?

Is not being accepted by others was your guilt?

Oh, but you’re made up of blood, flesh, bones and soul, not matters like others. So get up and built!

Worring about others scream,

So you wanted to kill your very own dream.

What made you think that they are the God of Goodness and Supreme.

Why it worries you, because I’m beginner and beginning. Don’t show me the black mirror.

I am in light in myself, I don’t shiver.

I’m still amused by Sparkles,

My all desires will shine like marvel.

Oh, scanning my mindset its primitive,

Stop blabbering I won’t took that perspective.

Take me as Nothing,

I will definitely fight back like the King.

Create tower of illusions,

I will discover valid substitutions.

Selfish, because I am working only for my dream,

Jellyfish, you better to stop this scream.

It was only meant for me, that’s why you’re stopping me and calling it trash,

Stop battling and creating this clash.

Showed enough of careness, then stabbing my back,

Don’t you know I am packed.

Working on my own,

Why you stared frown?

Burry me,

I will grow again GURANTEE.

Image: pinterest

Poem by, Harshita Pandey 🕉

Spring Vibes

Hope helds the rope, hope helds the height togethersome this – enjoy this life.

Like a window on the window side spring awaits to waken up the life..

Wonder awaits like a sight, wonder the way with magnet of a light..

To the left swings of ray awaits glossary of a twinkling nights..

To the right dreams of hope attracts STORY full of love and life..

Sand sweeps away the dust, mingles with daylight, flowersome the way.. may path always know the mights and the rights..

May the friendly spirit blossoms in all corners of a wallside, may the bird swims and swings throughout its life..

Harshita Pandey💜✨✨


No one can ever fetch stars of twilight just by little arm with distress, giving hopes and lighteous nights gives lights to seeker pursuing diamonds of a glitter..

No one has ensembled happiness with chores of midness, midness cannot walk over the miles which are notorous , just the happiness walks along if you have some more lovingness..

No one has ever known paths or I might become soul full of thoughtfullness, just reminding the lights of ever greatness in darks of anyone’s distress..

No one has ever known all the ‘mights’ or ever confuses with ‘ perfectness ‘ , dullness never ceases to dull as light comes after passing all the battles.

Harshita Pandey✨

One Day🧡

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One day when the belongings of daisy will awaken chores of inside you will find the blissful awakenings acknowledging your paths..

One day when the leftover leaves crosses by with hearts of gold they will wish morning always set aside dizziness with blooming of one step with other steps.. and the moon will shine.

One day when you will thought about scenario about pictography… pictures of all the inside beauty that day all beautiful souls will shine..

One day or the other day after the counting of days, hours minutes life will make you side by until and unless you will find that one thing you must feel grateful about..

One day when all the fears will go by when temptation will make you more humane and will lessen devil side..

One day love will shine after all the humidity sun will again smile, just push on the limits and be better with gazes that will accomplish beautiful mind.

Harshita Pandey💙🤍🧡


“Everyone and all of us Whether known or unknown… the things that we happens to see in our day to day, time to time an hour to an hour is life… and it goes on.”

The waves of the sea often enlightens by the moonlight here and there above and individual sitting by… must be with delightful heart or tearful eyes, sees the world as it goes by because Life goes on.

Treasure is this beautiful world and we are pearl as to time… that pearl might be a crown… that crown goes by and by with strength in SOUL and goodness in eyes… because life goes on.

One day we all will turn old and feeble… but with love and belief the path goes by… because LIFE GOES ON.

#gratitudeday One year being on wordpress and I have learnt so much by then. By learning lessons of life and by seeing all such posts of you all that was full of motivation that always motivated me. I’m thankful to all of you for your kind words and support. Thank you so much. Much regards, HARSHITA PANDEY 💕


Little later when December arrived I used to think all about the months that had passed by in our homes, through our window sides, on roofs with SUNSETS and SUNLIGHT and our lost Hope’s, lost dreams and lost paths have not crossed again with this competitive life. But that doesn’t mean that we have not collapsed in this same environment.

We get to learn life lessons about communication… Yes about true communication whether with our parents, elders and grandparents. And suddenly we started to think why we used to think our grandmother stories were remarkable in our hearts and surely it is story of all household we get to realize those stories were nourished with life lessons with lots of love and care.

We get to know how hard the time is if your family is with you. The day itself ends well. I always used to think what life is made of? Is it all GOOD HOURS, GOOD THINGS, GOOD BOOK or GOOD MEMORIES or it’s a trap because until you have not feel good hours or good things with good thought it does not always carry the same thing…

Life on hand that we all are living is becoming so competitive that we itself are in struggle to find who we are, what is our true side, what is that thing that makes us ‘we’ and we all are in hope that one day we will find that spark… Not usually we all think about all these? Do we.. it’s an addition that this year provided us our insights to know about who we truly are.. And in all those daily struggles that we have been now we can protect that true ‘we side’.

Sunsets, sunlights, birds, skies, clouds and rains just only appear soothing to eyes unless you have true hearts to feel and learn stories reside in all these… sometimes you can learn life lessons by being on window side, sometimes sky appears to you as large as your heart that is full of kindness and sometimes dark night do not always appears that dark because we have known someone who is struggling and still makes everyday count.

Maybe stories resides in everything… and we all are a part of it WHETHER knowingly or unknowingly. 💮🤍

By – Harshita Pandey 🕉

Your Soul Breathes kindness🦄

Everywhere above the SKIES, clouds and the lights, I rely upon the equation and solutions of life.🌻

Everywhere in the imagination or dreamsight puzzles of finding ways comes only towards looking the roots of its ground.❄

Everywhere I see the melting snow… example of good hearts flows through my mind which melts like snow and kinder light.⚡

Everywhere the DESTINATION which seeks to transform a life of its dream, dream to make every dew twinkle and bright seems correct to my sight.🍁

Everywhere clay which mixes with sands claps with a size, how emotion enriches in every individual makes the glow bright. ☀️

Everywhere you go, go with heart and true soul so that happiness alikes.🌈

Image source: pintrest

– Harshita Pandey 🕉



The world is spherical as for the objects that we see from eyes and when we feel it from SOUL the SKIES enlarges and soaks up in knowing the wings that flies , that goes and comes back to imagination or to reality this needs to look up to..
We are all created from this common thing that we are humans we can feel thus kindness which is an adhered principle is seen in our oneness … that oneness which connects us.. What is that oneness?
The oneness that we will be a catering garden so that we can shower dullness of someone with flowers, we can love to those in hatred, we can become butterflies with wings which goes towards sunlight..
Hope to this kind with another will make butterfly to sing, learn , live and give shelter to life.

– Harshita Pandey 🕉


I have learnt so many things from the Sun. Shining through the life for the benefits of others, learning to be the one form of a positive energy. 🌞

Phone photography

The days that are passing by the window side knowing the frames of the world through palates of grass, garden, clouds and rains hoping that strings of future will bring strength side of oneself which was however lost in the shores where world was not aware enough to know its side, to know how to reach and find ‘you’ that ‘you’re which is a bundle of hope inside. ☀️

Hope – through the passing palate of brush from the artist side, through the window learning direction from the man’s side, in evenings filling atmosphere with clouds of winds and waves to shine… hope is a hope which binds life to be it’s TRUE friends all along lives.🌤

A picture of sunflower

BY- Harshita Pandey

A Lesson From Bird

Have you ever wondered how difficult was it for a tinny bird to trust her feathers, but once she wipes out her phobia. She was not the same as she was before. She will apprehend the universe in her own way, she can find her own destination. She can sense what liberty is. What so ever fear was within her all was faded away by just taking a small decision . Does it really happen in real life as well? Shall we start believing in ourselves? Should we start relating every situations of our life as the bird’s one?

Image source : GOOGLE
Image source : GOOGLE

Duh, we cannot relate every situation of hers with our living but if it comes on believing in oneself. We should drop all kinds of terror from the highest point so that the fear from us will crumbled and it will never ever choke one’s neck.
If every person start taking the lesson from bird and move forward, trust their invisible wings, sing their own song and and seize the moment. Then everyone’s life would be filled with love. And if there is love happiness will automatically come. And where ever happiness starts existing, there will be the permanent existence of eternal triumph.

Image source: GOOGLE

By Harshita Pandey 🕉