The Skylark.


My beloved , I returned back to you,
But it’s arduous to face you.

All over the world I “the skylark “sing dance joyfully all alone without realizing that all my duties are wiggling through mind.

The day When you laid eggs, the day I left you without a chipper, the day when you decided to raise our chicks, and the day when your tearful eyes cursed me.
How pitiful to betraying you ? Alone in the nest with three crying chicks.

I envy you .For all priceless love and happiness,
And for my own greed I left you .
I left you.

My beauty faded away,
Feathers are fallen faster than I thought.
My envious life never praised your love,
All that glorious time with you, Resembling me as we bound ourselves together.
Health suffered alot, all wrinkles describe last seven stages of Shakespeare’s untold binding unbreakable poetry,

My vocal cord not as good as older days of my pride and precious gift of God.
All my arrogance were brutally oppressed by that betrayal curse.

All alone with all grievances I” the skylark” FLEW MILES away to reach you my beloved.
Now the time reveals all my faults, flaws and loneliness,
The grim reaper counting all my deeds and I wished for your happiness my beautiful soulmate “My Beloved “.



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