Fallen Leaves 🍁🍁


Look at the surrounding, yellow pale rugged leaves are fallen, my heart feel so hard,
Fallen leaves tore apart my heart,

Fallen leaves falls trillions stars from the skies,
Moon shines faded up ,clouds rolled out tears showers, sun keeps throwing wizardry beams on you to keep you alive again,
Just once tug in your mesmerizing green leaves on my alone standing friend (Tree).

Trickled, cracked sounds badly absurd eardrums, green leaves are faded away, faded away,
Only yellow dead leaves are all by my way side,
Only tears resemble that golden dreams that “I ” made in the pious shades of green leaves, remembering those hugs enrollment of tears ran out from the dreamy brown eyes.

New soft, delicate green babies are immature to enjoy with me ,but “I” still need to become the babies guardian,

Every time ,every way my shining eyes on them,
How the babies play, how the babies sing all rumbled my heart happily,
And ,luster my eyes with shinning pebbles.

Moon beams piously integrate all new ones by my side.

Fallen leaves!
Fallen leaves!


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