“You and I a tune of romantic song,
Whatever the lyrics of song,
Our heart cult for each and every rythm – pacified breathe of immortal tunes of love “



We fated each other since the ancient year,
Songs were revealing the apocalypse of past love,

Moon and stars remained stationary,
There luminous lights embrace the lovers destination,

His and mine heart beats felt same warmthness ,my sweaty face dozed off, shivering in my monotonous routines of nightmares,

My heart flip every time when I went to the old blurred memories of sprinkle love ,
Every time my soul says “we are lovers”

My clumsy mind kissing the boy from where we scripted our immortal long tales of love,

Here all melodious stars clashed meteorite of love in galaxies, chattering surplus odyssey histories of valiant lovers,


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