Happiness Cage


A beautiful day,
Lucid ways little mature girl wants to play.
It was an event of old India,
When happiness was in cage,
Little dawn covers the fair face from the society,
A ritual of child marriage eras,
No love, No life for the selves,
It was an event of old India.
Cruel behaviour towards the women,
Sacrificed little feathers life,
Dowry culture impeccably impacts to the cruelisation,
A beautiful day,
Silver night a young lady wants to fly,
Education for men and boys,
Who knows how to developed a sense.
Agony of mentality suppressed the happiness of the lights.

It was an event of old India,
Sathi paratha was practised,
Burn alive golden beam of dwelling fairies,
Cried souls of hers scream heard,
A little happiness snatch from her eyes,

A beautiful day,
Little angels showering her incomplete happiness to the world,
To beautifying herselves as a forms of golden blessing.

Is happiness cage still alive?

Yes happiness cage is still alive in paternal society of world.

Happiness cage,
Happiness wants to bloom in sky..


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