Stay ,stay
Nightmares of myths Circulates through the surface of hell.
Stay, stay
On the mournful notes of life,
Stay ,stay
When river flows ,
Strange windy blow.
Stay, stay
On the contrary paths stucked on the hellish doorside.
Stay, stay
On doomsday night .
Overwhelming darkness making spectacular sounds of tomb .
Stay, stay
At shoreline waves of waterfalls,
Nightmare of gravitational force assumed loneliness of love.
Stay, stay
On dreams of fairy tales .
Bloodshed spouting from the whole world.
Blood ,blood, red blood rains from the drainy sky.
Stay, stay
Beyond the beauty of hopes..
Stay ,stay
On the lap of mother.
Stay ,stay
On bay’s of hays.
Between heaven and earth reframed them together…


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