The Beauty of the soul is that it craves lovingness for all, from helping to become seeding make tree of hope; for every passerby who comes by it protects like a shield with all the best effort just like mother nature providing guiding lights by shining mounding a child with gentle breeze in the lap of goodwills, humility, greatness and kind vibes…

Through the hurdles the miles that goes with how well you seek the tune of its light by looking deep down your thoughts. Through the bad days which knocks your gate by the way… stop not move forward with brave heart making friendship with golden heart.

Through the eyes of a traveler or philosopher look the world by considering what an ordinary people who thought about it. You will be able to change your dreams to a awakening wonders of universe.

Through the mountains or the valleys shore looks to the wave like a child wishpring questions of all self doubt and you will become river with all the great heights in the meanwhile.

Through the chapters of the book, story line before seeing here or there look inside your self by becoming the every possible change that your heart wants. You will be able to see magic not here or there but in yourself.

– Harshita Pandey🕉

13 thoughts on “Beauty🌷☸

  1. Polish the magic within you✨✨so beautiful words….they have the power to wreck my heart🤧🤧you nice keep going bae🫂🫂💌💌

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  2. Lucky are the passersby who pause to see this lotus that opens for them to contemplate, and as they look beyond where the tree of hope might grow, but for a moment pause to hear a tune of “making friendships with golden hearts,” hearing beats and pumps of compassion. But the traveler will sit a moment to share a story perhaps about the storms in the mountains that made a river who shared spiritual waters with the humble creek who giggled in amusement.


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