The sooner you admit suffering is necessary evil, the more you cultivate and empower your inner will.

The sooner you preach spiritual over material possessions, the more awakening person you will ever be. The evil in this world is noting but material attachments.

The sooner you accept, it is being not only the biggest fish in a small pond is a matter of pride, but the best fish in that pool is; you will uplift and enhance your aura.

The sooner you face you, the less you need other people to fill voids.

The sooner you know you, the sooner other’s people actions don’t affect you spontaneously and negatively.

The sooner you realise you don’t need to “PROVE YOURSELF” but to “IMPROVE YOURSELF”. At that moment you will cross over the sea of illusions in one go and the outcome will be splendid “Extrasensenory Perception” of yours.

Sooner you realise, if you don’t let it bug you, then it won’t. If you do then it does.

When life knocked you down to your knees, Nailing its heels on your head. Just decide to RISE UP. BREAK YOUR LIFE OR CREATE YOUR LIFE. It is the Devil and God two sides of the same face. Choose wisely not miserably. 🧚‍♀️

Harshita Pandey 🕉

9 thoughts on “🧧🍁MAKE IT HAPPEN🍁🧧

  1. So powerful and inspirational..
    At the end of the day, it’s we who feel what we want to. Though sometimes it’s difficult to not be effected by this world as being part of it but it’s all about moving on and making choices. Very well written… So beautiful

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    1. Thank you so much for prasing me . Also, for posting positivity rich contents. Yes it’s the basic human nature because we are made up from emotions and affections these little things create huge impact in shapping human thoughts. But it should always be us to figure out what to retain or not. For this everyone should stick to this mantra “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that’s greater than any obstacle”. 🦋 Much love, have a great day ahead
      Bloom 🌸🌼

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  2. I read first line nd broke down in tears🤧🤧is it too difficult to live a life the way you want?? No, not at all if you think this journey is totally yours and and you can travel it through the path you want….thank you for making me more stronger with your words🤧🤧💓💓

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    1. When I write on these, mostly those content become a self- reminder. And I do all the things that you have mentioned above. Don’t worry, we all are like this. It’s okay. I express this bluntly and I don’t try to be perfect in my day to day life. I am good at some things, and I am bad at some works too. But I never forget the simple equation who’s application is applied on me which is basically “my self worth isn’t based on anyone’s acceptance of me.” So as you said this journey is mine and I have to travel alone so why I let allow other peoples opinion on me? Irony no? VP is sending you loads of love 🤍🌸
      Smile 💜❤💎💌

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  3. Very BEAUTIFULLY written dear..! This is very powerful and strong..! And missed your wonderful and inspiring posts dear..! Happy to see you back..!😊😊 Keep shinning my dear friend..! Have a beautiful weekend..!🤗✨💖

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