Little later when December arrived I used to think all about the months that had passed by in our homes, through our window sides, on roofs with SUNSETS and SUNLIGHT and our lost Hope’s, lost dreams and lost paths have not crossed again with this competitive life. But that doesn’t mean that we have not collapsed in this same environment.

We get to learn life lessons about communication… Yes about true communication whether with our parents, elders and grandparents. And suddenly we started to think why we used to think our grandmother stories were remarkable in our hearts and surely it is story of all household we get to realize those stories were nourished with life lessons with lots of love and care.

We get to know how hard the time is if your family is with you. The day itself ends well. I always used to think what life is made of? Is it all GOOD HOURS, GOOD THINGS, GOOD BOOK or GOOD MEMORIES or it’s a trap because until you have not feel good hours or good things with good thought it does not always carry the same thing…

Life on hand that we all are living is becoming so competitive that we itself are in struggle to find who we are, what is our true side, what is that thing that makes us ‘we’ and we all are in hope that one day we will find that spark… Not usually we all think about all these? Do we.. it’s an addition that this year provided us our insights to know about who we truly are.. And in all those daily struggles that we have been now we can protect that true ‘we side’.

Sunsets, sunlights, birds, skies, clouds and rains just only appear soothing to eyes unless you have true hearts to feel and learn stories reside in all these… sometimes you can learn life lessons by being on window side, sometimes sky appears to you as large as your heart that is full of kindness and sometimes dark night do not always appears that dark because we have known someone who is struggling and still makes everyday count.

Maybe stories resides in everything… and we all are a part of it WHETHER knowingly or unknowingly. 💮🤍

By – Harshita Pandey 🕉

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