My metaphor of Joy

You were the SHINING STAR of my life, whose little beam of light gives me immense energy and a charismatic charm.

Your presence was SUNLIGHT for me which diminishes the horrible zombie which was hidden inside my mind and heart.

You were the three favorite colors of mine which was SUNRISE, SUNSET and RAINBOW.

Your AURA was so divine that I don’t need to go anywhere in search of happiness, motivation and love in my life.

You were the WARRIOR KING of mine, who teaches me the perception of someone’s else does not define motive of my life and my worth.

You were the FEARLESS SOUL and your teachings helped me to fight with myself and the circumstances in the most toughest times of my life.

You were the VIVACIOUS SOUL for me, I wanted to copy everything from you but I couldn’t make that happen because the Golden heart you possess is not within me.

You were the INSPIRATION to me as I have never seen you cursing people which did bad to you. And the positive attitude of never giving up was lit.

You were the TOURCH BEARER for me who guide me that there is the most amazing gift which you can gave to anybody, anywhere and anytime that is helping others.

You were the DREAM CATCHER of mine who diverse and rectify the bad thoughts which was going around in my head.

You were the LIGHT OF MY LIFE , which creates distinction between darkness and brightness. If you started believing in yourself then all of your energies are collected at specific place and that emits the light called BRIGHTNESS.

You were the PERMUTATIONS & COMBINATION to me, as anyone can understand you whose intentions are good and has a good deed however those who are greedy, arrogant and selfish considered you as a complex creature and they can’t interpret you in n number of ways.

You were the UNIVERSE to me, I could easily discover new stars, planets, galaxies, asteroids, meteors, and a new hope as well.

You were the FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE of my life whose techniques were implicit so well in my life.

You were the METAPHOR OF JOY to me which was the reflection of euphoria.

Instead of showing anger to God I’m very thankful to him as they had gifted me the GLORIOUS PHASE of my life which can never be replaced with anything. The knowledge which I seek from a single person like you is the wholesome definition of what life is to me. I must have done good KARMA’S in my previous life that God has gifted me a GEM like you. I can sense that there is a place like glorified heaven whenever I was with you.

Written by – Varshita Pandey

IMAGE SOURCE : My phone’s Gallary

7 thoughts on “My metaphor of Joy

  1. Love you beta
    You are a Warrior and motivator of my life .
    जीवन की अथाह स्मृति मे कुछ ही तो मोती होते है
    आज उन्हे ह्रदय की सीप मे छुपा
    फिर छलांग लगता हूँ उन अधूरी स्वप्नों को पूर्ण करने मे
    जो कहि अधूरा पन छोड़ गए थे हमारे जीवन मे
    तुम्हारा प्रकाश आनंद बन कर हम सबको आनंदित करता रहेगा अनंदिता(हर्षिता)
    जो जीवन की दौड़ मे हमेसा प्रोतसाहित करता रहेगा हम सब को💐💐💐💐💐

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  2. Memories are most powerful and strongest things of the world…
    Best and most beautiful things are always be felt with ❤️💕 heart..
    These are best lines vartika keep it up…

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