Story πŸ˜‡


I chased butterfly in new morning when clam light surpass by the green grasses dews,
Alleys seems the same,
Craving funky songs mixed up all the eternity sage,
Often time and often times that alleys amazed and welcomed me for caring the one who always be the one,

Last rain ,and first rain hiding from my heart in the scarlet alley,
I wonder when he just hold on my hand, I wonder and as usual I wonder.

Night sung the purple song, I waited half more an hour,
I played Guitar on beautiful chanting under the big tree,
Thought all my chanting lightens up bonfire on the darkened streets of twin alleys,
Hope the day will arrive soon with little patch of love ,

Alleys ,alleys and alleys memorizing all the hiding rains of trains,
Alleys, alleys and ,alleys smiling all the foolishness of mine in big pictures of troublesome love story.


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