Song 🎡🎢🎡

It was a frosty day, snowflakes terribly echoed,
I shivered alot, rubbed yellowish palms to feel warmer from inside,

A spell of a time or a quarter of seconds my eyes meets with melody songs on the opposite side of my shoulder,

A white beautiful woman sings her voice clashed into inner abdomen ,

I stand still the rumbles of snow crackling from the tree trunk,

I was dumbfounded, she was reaching to me, knocking the warm heart DOOR,

I thanked to the goddess , I kneeled down to the goddess

My sight seen heaven today ,
She was a heaven, she was that woman who serves snowflakes white cold light .

I still am I pouring sweetness onto my eardrums and my eyelids still weaving her to my dream.

My wray eyes lifted up bonfire by my dusky cold day.


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