Often times she appeared in the alleys of different pathways , golden pebble on her ornament crafted her visual physique,
A shoby eyes narrated her fames on my dimwit side,
Totally frantic I,
Walked on marshy soil, a blunder laugh strikes from back,
I obviously turned back,
She the richest clan of love.
Amuse inch of Romeo honesty play,
I started define my poetry sets,
Rhyming schemes were mixed and match.
A single Romeo statistically melted everyone heart with gigantic charming eyes.

A hypothetical question circulated different clans of earth, who will be the groom of the girl?
No answer from my side only” the hero” my heart attention the climax scene of goody era ,
Is this lunatic feeling is love?
Is this lunatic feeling is love?

I the scavenger,
NOW acts like a picture plant, no butterflies, no insects only little kind of thirsty love,

I kiss her at her rainbow clan of rains where my sun rays fallen the corners of the gate,
Here the summary of my last lesson influence the patron of the loveβ€πŸ’ž.


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