How wonderful this world is? Mumma
It’s been a 95 weeks since I stayed in your womb,
It’s time to playing outside,
I am kind of thirsty ,your baby wants to drink water.
Mumma run fast,run fast ,
I am enjoying new ride .

Oh those are humans aren’t they,
They are so generous mumma, they serve us a pineapple,
Oh yellow ,yellow sour,sour and sweet, sweet,
Yummy Mumma let’s eat it up .
Baby Mouth is watering, πŸ˜‹
I heard last sound for mumma ,crying 🐘
Why ,
They do that ,what’s my mumma fault it’s me who wants to eat that pineapple ,
She,cried, cry and her tearful voice express her lastlong love for me.

That firecracker brust insiders her mouth ,
She bleeded heavily,
Her every blood drops scream inside the womb, help, help
HELPPPP; but I am still connects through placenta, Sorry ,Sorry mumma
Your baby is useless,
If anybody’s here go and save her at least for humanity.
Water, water where is the water ,I roard inside her womb,
Hey humans why ?
What’s baby mumma fault,
What’s baby fault, you bad humans alrighty never serves you good,

Water, hey god varuna (Hindu god of water)show a little gratitude towards my mum, she is in pain,

Hey god Indra(Hindu god of rains), where is your rains, don’t you see my mom in pain,

My mom unwillingly swish last word, this world is not wonderful this a living hell my child and all creatures here are evil monsters .
Let’s together step toward the heaven,
They aren’t humans, they are just parasites of others happiness,

Child ,in next life mumma fulfil your life,

Bye my child, mumma not take this pain anymore,
But always remember,
Wherever you are your mumma loves you.

“Exactly humanity does not exist anymore in this peaceful world and inhumanity accumulates in some of the humans body “


IMAGE SOURCE- GOOGLE #respectanimals 🐘🐘

13 thoughts on “INHUMANITY 🐘🐘🐘🐘

  1. Unimaginable pain.. can not even try comprehend the torture.. hell has been undergone for such a long time…Affects to any one who has a bit of humanity left..

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  2. It seems even with such pain she has not attacked any one but went straight to the river… That soul is a zillion times more higher than any so called civilized normal human living.. your writing reminded me again of what I came to know of the news yesterday.. thanks

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