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One night in your arm,
Naked myself in your arm,
Little shadow of light lit the charming hearts.

One night in your arm.
This night is dark enough don’t you think dear,
Tug off war match inside between heart and soul ,
A coldy night makes me cuddle onto you.

One night in your arm.
Fragrance of jasmine,
Lightning candles,
Yellowish atmosphere celebrates drastic lovable change.

One night in your arm.
FIzzy hairs of mine rolled out on your fair face,
Devine romance never ending phase,
Fluent breathe tunes makes my heart flatter, oh dear this night is never ending.

One night in your arm.
Fairytales enchanted entangly flatter flavors of life……

One night in your arm …
One night in your arm…


14 thoughts on “ONE NIGHT IN YOUR ARM 💞

      1. Yes sure. I’m also a student. When you think that you need to publish your some poems. Then you can say. Best of luck.

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