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I had received a old and tore letter on my way back,
Opening quickly, and quickly.
Read someone’s name——- .
And shocked,
It was from my past lover.


Anonymously tears roll out from fearless eyes,
It was that letter, it was that letter from past 5 years.
I read it out ,I read loud
That last letter from him tells everything about his wounds.

Letter .

Encore of the life started again,
Dwelling farewell of forgetness stepped again onto the past life.
Knocking shady doors.
It was that letter, it was that letter from the past lover.

Encouraged myself not to look backwards ,
All mesmerizing moments spending with darkness now litted up.
But facts aren’t changed that my heal wound are started burning.

That letter stamped my entrance door,
Stamped forever the shape of that useless letter.



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