The Nymph and Lyrical beauty of dawn attracts me .

I snore at night than dusty dawn touch my head softly and then my inner priesthood awakes at dusty dawn to worship the Goddess Usha (The Goddess of dawn).

Adorable dawn _ Adorable dawn your beauty is beyond of my imaginative capacity.

All mischievous birds chirping with full of their rythm and they are worshipping you with their little heart.
Your dawned view helped me to enter towards the gate of heaven 🏞

You are first who enjoy the sunrise view and absorb the positive sunrays and then you share it with us .I wish one day we will together enjoy the sunrise and sunset and I will tease everyone that Goddess and I enjoyed together .

Astonishing, Mesmerizing and Beyond beautiful your beauty is like a kingdom of beautiful heavens where everyone lives happily ever together.

Oh Goddess Usha , Oh Goddess Usha please give us a blessing , Give us a blessing.


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