How beautiful you are?

“Thinking about nature’s is most wandering like spinning wheel because its beyond of my imaginative capacity”

Whenever I saw the nature’s face I felt like a thousand of sun rays welcoming me.
How beautiful you are!
Sometimes I couldn’t understand who you are and why you are? Sometimes I myself confused your smile is blooming flowers? Or a huge flowing ocean?
How beautiful you are!

Like every thing present in whole nature’s they assembled and enforced their duties like Rivers always flows, Sun always shines, Flowers always blooms and the Moon always glowing. They all are itself a definition of beauty; and this astonishing beauty itself a definition of a motherhood and from my point of view nature you are beyond of this.
How beautiful you are!

May be you were born or originated from the whole and the entire universe of the solar system and beyond. That is why you are capable for understanding the will and well of every one, who presents insides you. That is why you always worry about us.
How beautiful you are!

Our existence with you , our notions with you, our dreams, life, love everything with you .Without you we are like virus. Like virus needs host body for living, similarly you are our host we need you for living isn’t it amazing?
How beautiful you are!

We all are always thankful of your greatfulness. OH! Thank you mother. You always sacrificed yourself for our needs mother. You are our most precious gifts we’ve ever received by our Godfather. Thank you nature mother for everything.

How beautiful you are!

By Harshita Pandey

Picture is taken from my phone

6 thoughts on “How beautiful you are?

  1. Awesome lines Harshita… These lines really express the lovely relationship between human being and nature. And in true manner nature teaches us the true love,sacrifice and way of living.

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