Story Of Jagat Janani (cosmic Goddess,The Mother)


One day I saw a woman who was sitting beside the big tree. She were seeing children playing around the lake, and she was constantly looking them playing.

A moment when a one child fell into the lake, she suddenly jumped into the lake in order to save that child. While she saving that child she cried, hugged tightly and kissed his forehead. That was the very painful moment to seen her crying. But no body knows what was happening. Only her inner soul understand the griefness and pain of separation from her only child which she was lost in the similar way.

Saving that child she felt like she save her son. She thinks that she again fought with YAMRAJ ( the hindu God of Death) Now she win against Yamraj and she saves two lives again. One that child’s life and his mother life. Along with that she found her happiness.

That’s how every mother reacts when she seen their child who is in trouble. She sacrifice herself and her life as well in order to save their loved ones life, happiness, desires, dreams. The words are limitless like the sky, so the mother is.

The heading of my story is “JAGAT JANANI”. Jagat means the world, the cosmic. And Janani means maa, mother , mom etc. I want to salute not only my mother, but every single mother who cares for their child. She is so progressive, she always uplifted their kids against the gravity to reach in the sky just like hers. Thank you my Almighty God to create such a generous existence.

By Harshita Pandey

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